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5 Free Software Packages for Primary

Sometimes the best things in life are free. In this quick little list I've put down some of the best bits of free software suitable for primary pupils. With schools budgets being constantly pushed, free is the way to go! They are also all aimed at working 'offline'. There are loads of free websites for … Continue reading 5 Free Software Packages for Primary

STEM – Balloon Hovercrafts

During my STEM hour this week my group did a bit of unplugged making. We had a go at building a constant Pinterest favourite, the balloon hovercraft! Equipment needed: Balloons (Obviously!!), make sure you have spares too! Old Cd's Blu Tak, of a glue gun for older pupils. The cap from a sports bottle (Not … Continue reading STEM – Balloon Hovercrafts

Lego Inventors – Early Years Creators

To kick off our return to work this week we held a Mad Scientist Day. The kids were all encouraged to come dressed as scientists, and all activities for that day were focused on science, or widened to STEM. On a Monday is when I teach all of my EYFS and KS1 classes, so to … Continue reading Lego Inventors – Early Years Creators

Outdoor Learning – We Are Computers

Outdoor learning in computing can be great fun. The kids will have thousands of lessons sat in front of a computer, but I guarantee they'll remember the time you took them outside and turned them into computers! For my lesson this week I took my year 3 group out on to the muddy field, to … Continue reading Outdoor Learning – We Are Computers

STEM LEGO Challenge Cards

I have the best job. Ever. Just putting that out there now. Today, with my little mini STEM group, we just sat and played with LEGO for an hour and half. I tipped out the whole box on my floor and we played, talked, and created together. Absolute bliss. There was obviously some learning taking … Continue reading STEM LEGO Challenge Cards