Lego Inventors – Early Years Creators

To kick off our return to work this week we held a Mad Scientist Day. The kids were all encouraged to come dressed as scientists, and all activities for that day were focused on science, or widened to STEM. On a Monday is when I teach all of my EYFS and KS1 classes, so to … Continue reading Lego Inventors – Early Years Creators

Outdoor Learning – We Are Computers

Outdoor learning in computing can be great fun. The kids will have thousands of lessons sat in front of a computer, but I guarantee they'll remember the time you took them outside and turned them into computers! For my lesson this week I took my year 3 group out on to the muddy field, to … Continue reading Outdoor Learning – We Are Computers

STEM LEGO Challenge Cards

I have the best job. Ever. Just putting that out there now. Today, with my little mini STEM group, we just sat and played with LEGO for an hour and half. I tipped out the whole box on my floor and we played, talked, and created together. Absolute bliss. There was obviously some learning taking … Continue reading STEM LEGO Challenge Cards

Creating Paired Programmers

During programming sessions I tend to get a clear gap between those who get it, and those who don't. Pupils who understood the key concepts will charge on ahead and complete the tasks I set, while those who don't are left standing still. With the best will in the world I don't have the time … Continue reading Creating Paired Programmers

Cryptography and Code Breaking in Primary

This half term I'm trying something new with my year 6 kids. For the last few years I've looked at networks and how computers work and they've enjoyed it. However this year I'm adding some cryptography into the mix too. Cryptography, while hard to spell, has the potential to really enrich the maths and problem … Continue reading Cryptography and Code Breaking in Primary

5 Activities to Introduce MicroBits

Last year I was lucky enough to receive a class set of BBC Microbits. I'd obviously seen them, played with them, and tinkered a bit, but nothing in the classroom. On Twitter and blogs there are some AMAZING projects you can do with the pupils, but for a beginner some of them can seem out … Continue reading 5 Activities to Introduce MicroBits