Microbit Maze Run

I’m sure that if you’ve seen my blog before you’ve seen that I have a bit of an obsession with cardboard. We seem to have a constant stream of Amazon or Wish parcels arriving at our house (nothing to do with me I’m sure), and with them comes lovely lovely cardboard! It never gets thrown as either the 7yo or myself save it for a weekend build. Some times this can be completely low tech, others we hack it up a bit! For this project we used a Microbit.


We started out by adding the switches. They run under the first layer of cardboard so they’re hidden away. It’s just 2 strips of copper tape, that get connected by a thin sheet of tin foil when the marble rolls over it. Stupidly simple.


Once we had hidden these away we started to create the walls for the maze. Planned out on a sheet of paper, then added to the cardboard in thin lines of pen. Once it was mapped out it’s a simple case of building the walls using strips of (more!) cardboard and a hot glue gun. Always be careful with a glue gun, I’ve learnt the hard way!

When it was all in one piece, including our fingers, we hooked it up with a Microbit! The coding was pretty simple as a pinched it from the Microbit website! All we added to their code was a little timer animation when you start the game! Have a look at the stopwatch resources here, and while you’re there have a good look around because they’re are some great projects on there!

When it’s all working the only thing left to do is play!

I also had a think about adding to it and improving it. I might have a look at adding some sound effects at the start and finish if I can hide a mini speaker in there somewhere! On another sidenote, this would also work great with a Makey Makey running off a PC too. Might be cool to create a Scratch project that plays sounds and keeps score as you play with the box!

If you have a go at this project I’d love to see your creations! Tweet me with your builds! @AlwaysComputing! Also, PLEASE like and share and all that jazz!

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